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Bring It! P90X by Tony Horton

The Beachbody P90X workout program was designed by fitness guru Tony Horton as a follow-up to his previous home fitness program, Power 90 (P90). The P90X system is for people who want to take their personal fitness to the next level, and are in search of a challenging, sweat-inducing training program that will get them great results quickly. Since it was introduced, P90X has swept the nation, and the world, and become one of today’s biggest fitness trends.

P90X isn’t just a DVD set; it is an all-inclusive home fitness program that includes a series of workouts, three different schedules that can be used with the workouts, and a special nutrition guide that can be used for weight loss, weight gain, or just eating healthier to get the best results from the P90X program. There are 12 workouts in the set: Chest & Back; Plyometrics; Shoulders & Arms; Yoga X; Legs & Back; Kenpo X; X Stretch; Cardio X; Core Synergistics; Ab Ripper X; Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; and Back & Biceps.

The workout calendar included with P90X explains how to combine the workouts depending on your individual fitness goals. The Classic workout schedule, with three days of weight lifting, one day of yoga, and two days of cardio, is designed to build muscle quickly. The Lean workout schedule, which is popular with women, has only two days of weight lifting, and is geared toward fat loss as opposed to muscle gain. The Doubles workout schedule combines the Classic schedule with an extra cardio workout, for those who want an even more extreme, extra challenging version of the program. All of the schedules incorporate a technique called “muscle confusion,” which alternates the workouts and the individual exercise moves so that the body never gets used to them and never plateaus.

P90X does not require a large investment in workout equipment. For those with a limited budget, or limited space in their home, the entire program can be completed with a set of weight bands; each DVD includes one person demonstrating how to do each move with a band, including simulating the pull-ups. You can also use a set of hand weights and a pull-up bar. The plyometrics workout includes a lot of jumping, for which you’ll need a soft surface so as not to hurt your feet; either a jump mat or a carpet will suffice. For the yoga workout, you will need an exercise mat or a towel to put on the floor.

Does P90X work? Thousands of happy customers have posted positive reviews, along with before and after progress pictures, across the Internet. The consensus among the reviewers is that P90X works if you “bring it,” work the program as scheduled, and follow the P90X Nutrition Guide.

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